Our vision is to build a sustainable environment for us and future generations.

Having a background in the sustainability and the design engineering world, our mission will be to continue applying practices learnt from past experience adding value to our work and introduce sustainable design & development to all our products in order to contribute to our society and protect the environment.

The first step we took towards sustainability was to establish long-term relationships with suppliers & manufacturers who share the same values and beliefs and have many years of experience in the industry.

Fabrics and materials are sustainably & ethically sourced from the most sustainable and reputable mills in England & Italy.

All our fabric suppliers are 100% GOTS certified and use organic yarns to produce them. Our Fabrics are organically grown from fully traceable and sustainable sources without any compromise in quality.

We sought to find manufacturers who implement safe working conditions with proper salaries that can produce the brand’s pieces locally, in order to reduce CO2 emissions and keep our supply chain as green as possible.

Orders are shipped with environmentally conscious packaging using a carbon neutral delivery option.

Our perspective is to always have a more ethical & sustainable approach for all the products we make and consider that the manufacturing process respects people and the planet.

LONGEVITY is on a mission to fight fast fashion.

Our aim is to offer clothing made sustainably, crafted from high quality fabrics and designed to last.

Engineered with LONGEVITY in mind, these are pieces created to remain with you.