LONGEVITY is an independent slow fashion London-based Brand established in 2021 and formed by two design engineering consultants aiming to introduce long-lasting design and create classic essential pieces for all seasons.

Being in the sustainability and the design engineering industry, our passion to tackle challenges and provide mindful solutions to modern fashion motivates our Brand to carefully select & source fabrics, materials and work closely with local ethical manufacturers in order to produce the Brand's collection.

All the pieces are designed and developed in London and made in England & Italy. Our Brand draws inspiration from architecture, music, art, film, the streets and photography.


Our perspective to constantly improve and simplify our lives will be applied to the minimal and well-considered design of the products.

Grasping the opportunity to bring new modes of creative expression for everyday wear into each season, in the hope of creating tomorrow's classics.


Products will focus on Workwear and Utilitarian design rather than seasonal collections. Time enduring and considered shapes with the color palette featuring monochrome and neutral tones.

The design and production process is approached with high attention to detail and focused on different modifications across each style resulting in a robust minimal silhouette.

The goal is to create a wardrobe staple that is easy to wear and merge effortlessly into our style. Designed to last and crafted from high quality fabrics will allow them to stand out and prolong a long lasting life.